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Friday, 28 October 2011 17:00
Jacque's Playhouse

We just delivered this lovely yellow cream playhouse to amazed recipients dressed in Halloween Costumes.  This Fancy Built playhouse was the highlight of Grandma's Halloween party.  Costumed grandkids watched in awe as our beautiful mini-mansion flew through the air and landed in the backyard.


We designed this custom playhouse for some grandparents who wanted a special place for their growing number of grandkids to play in their backyard.  They already had a trampoline and playset but they wanted a place where the kids could play 'house' outside, even in the winter.   We asked them to list what features were most important to them:

#1) Lots of opening windows with screens

#2) Cottage style

#3) Insulated and finished on the inside with electrical, drywall, moldings, etc.

#4) Loft inside

#5) Low maintenance exterior

#6) Most importantly they wanted it to look darling!

We desiged this playhouse to answer all of their needs.  It has real vinyl siding in a creamy yellow color.  All of the trim is vinyl or PVC  so it never has to be painted. 


The cute little front porch has real vinyl railing and the porch deck is made with TREX material that resists wear and water damage.  We carved our signature heart-shaped sliding peephole in the front door and finished up the inside with special touches like fancy baseboard and real laminate flooring with the look of hard wood.  We even added an arch window in front and some PVC flower boxes and shutters.  To save on money the customer decided to paint the inside themselves.


The best part is, for those of you who have now fallen in love with this little playhouse, we built 2 of them!  Well, at least we have built all of the pieces for the second one and we will eventually finish it and put it out on our display lot for sale....unless someone claims it as their own before then!

The price could range from $4500-$7500 depending on what features you want to add and if you want us to finish the inside or not.  At this point you can choose any upgrades for your little house that you want.  Call us to let us know what you want for your playhouse.  More info about Jacque's Playhouse HERE

And here's a link to a YouTube video of us delivering it.





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